Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 03-03-2011

  • 08:41:18: Quite a heavy frost this morning. Heavier than the forecast would have me believe we were going to get.
  • 10:52:15: @JoboPooks Possilbly, I've only been outside to de-iced the birdbath - wasn't out there long enough for anything to fall off
  • 10:53:46: @CougarJacques Excellent new icon too (to go with the new name)
  • 11:03:23: @CougarJacques Being and old bast*rd I'm feeling a little left out now - aren't cougars supposed to stalk younger men? ;-)
  • 11:23:28: @CougarJacques Thank you - I feel a little better now ;-))
  • 12:10:12: @gregfindley Don't know anyone with a San Francisco but this review may help: (from @pcpro)
  • 12:17:13: @inniebear While you're in Liscard nip around to the Greek in Seaview Road and tell him you can sort his dire staffing/service issues out
  • 12:17:33: @inniebear ...for a decent fee
  • 15:42:37: RT @Glinner: Congratulations to Rupert Murdoch on winning the next few general elections.
  • 18:27:14: @RadioTimes Blade Runner prequel/sequel? I think they should ask Philip K. Dick first.
  • 21:10:27: That's ne done with work for 10 days. Hurrah!
  • 21:15:05: @inniebear when you get further in to Fable 2 let me know & I'll join you as your henchman.

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