Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 03-01-2011

  • 09:14:57: @KaveyF tell me more about the anti-snore stuff. Mrs M says I snore it tho I've never heard it.
  • 09:16:56: Bright, light blue sky with no wind. Glorious day.
  • 10:06:46: RT @phevans: Dear users of, twitlonger etc: if you need more than 140 characters, it's not twitter. Get a blog - they're free.
  • 10:33:06: RT @MattJEgan: Bob Hope said 'culture is the ability to describe Jane Russell without using your hands', introduced her as 'the two & on ...
  • 11:12:38: @simonmayo I'm going to see Gilbert O'Sullivan tonight, at @liverpoolphil, is that any help?
  • 15:12:51: @pcpro When you next do a Q&A session, can I ask a Ubuntu question?
  • 15:31:38: @pcpro Ta.
  • 17:26:23: @CattyJacques Sounds like Frankie's quite similar to Frasier. Except Frasier actively tries to push you out of bed.
  • 17:48:19: This evening I will mostly be watching Gilbert O'Sullivan at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall @liverpoolphil

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