Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 02-24-2011

  • 00:54:10: RT @hotelalpha9: Who's this? Suspected of stealing an elderly woman's purse in #Skipton. Call 08456060247 if you know, RT if you don't. ...
  • 11:50:59: @happytyskie I'd be bitter and narked if I had to drink Guinness!
  • 12:08:25: @happytyskie gawd no, I don't like beer based on looks. I the beers I like tend to end up looking like that. Guinness is foul stuff
  • 12:12:52: @happytyskie it has that odd metalic taste to it and feels like liquid polystyrene when you drink it
  • 12:39:08: @happytyskie I've been told many times that the stuff in Ireland is different, but I've never been. Don't mind bottled Guinness here tho
  • 15:12:55: @richardm56 if you want to check your spelling use something like Tweetdeck or a browser like Firefox which has a spelling checker built in.
  • 16:54:19: @JonBloor Internally to Twitter we're probably all just numbers - cue shouts of "I am not a number"
  • 18:11:52: RT @Gamedigital: To win this stack of games RT the next Tweet! One winner will be picked at random tomorrow at ...
  • 21:14:06: @thecaledonia will you have any real cider on tomorrow (*Friday*) evening?

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