Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 02-21-2011

  • 13:57:16: @grazedotcom The Orange & Ginger flapjacks were fabulous. Can't wait to try the Apple & Cinnamon - does that answer your question? ;-)
  • 15:11:32: RT @MelissaCole: Dear ITV news, why do you have pictures of real ale on supermarket shelves when talking about alcohol misuse?!
  • 16:20:36: @thecaledonia That's some good consolation for real ale fans who don't stand a chance of getting a festival ticket :-) I gave up years ago
  • 16:37:59: @OldPostcards It's payday on Friday - if I actually get paid I'll have that Egremont card. Please send me a store link, ta.
  • 18:00:39: @OldPostcards Thank you!
  • 18:05:40: @rantingteacher You need Try a free box with code BPM6MT3
  • 18:06:39: RT @pcpro: Ahem... RT @tomaszrykala: @pcpro Merging signals with Orange seems to have made T-Mobile very excited.
  • 20:40:07: RT @peteleay: The new Justin Bieber film has amazing 3D.

    It's almost like you could just reach out and punch him
  • 23:24:24: RT @TwopTwips: A SUREFIRE cure for listlessness is to write down the possible causes, one after the other, on a piece of paper. /via @benald

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