Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 01-30-2011

  • 00:33:14: Watching Fast & Loose for the first time. Oh dear.
  • 08:47:26: @Erinboag @TheAntonDuBeke we both loved the show last night. Make sure you come back next year :-)
  • 08:48:16: @Erinboag @TheAntonDuBeke and please tell Lance that he's a star.
  • 10:01:51: @gponter79 Murray is wearing an Addidas top. Could be their choice of colour.
  • 16:30:57: @thecaledonia lit the fire in the lounge while we were there but it was too late. How about you tweet what's on once a day?
  • 17:19:10: @thecaledonia do what you can :-) At worst, just tweet when a guest ale changes or something different comes on
  • 17:20:25: @thecaledonia see, it's doing you good already. @happytyskie has spotted the tweet!
  • 18:06:30: @happytyskie @thecaledonia exactly, I suggested a regular tweet of what's on. Seems to be working already :-)
  • 19:56:56: I've heard rumours that The Clarence, in New Brighton, is closed. :-(
  • 20:48:44: @happytyskie a friend went there at 5 to meet somebody & it was closed. I hope it's not permanent.

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