Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 01-29-2011

  • 00:14:00: @MikeMcGWirral @realaletiger don't tell me L'pool Organic's actually made a beer that isn't citrusy? ;-) I'll try for a quick visit tomorrow
  • 01:28:48: @realaletiger I'll try my damnedest! Busy day though. Thanks for the pointer.
  • 12:59:41: @TheAntonDuBeke @erinboag We'll be there tonight. Want to ask why BBC wouldn't let Erin use circles & arrows tho. #potr
  • 13:39:38: RT @daraobriain: Irish people! do you have blood types O neg or A neg ? Supplies are dangerously low! You can check how to give here ht ...
  • 17:39:08: Off to see @Erinboag and @TheAntonDuBeke at Liverpool Philharmonic shortly. Should be a great night. #potr
  • 19:07:33: @thecaledonia you got any real cider on tonight?
  • 23:59:06: @thecaledonia ah well, we were in the Belv freezing our nuts off so Mrs M could have a pint of zidur before we went to the Phil.

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