Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 01-23-2011

  • 01:52:45: RT @thecaledonia come see loose moose tomorrow or else.<.KM how to attract customers & promote your pub. Arf!
  • 01:59:34: RT @KaveyF: O M G
  • 13:19:22: RT @greghemphill69: America has banned the import of Scottish haggis for 40 years because it contains sheep lung......But you can buy a ...
  • 14:39:04: @richardm56 good man for adding 'if you like it' to your requests for support for Chloe.
  • 17:41:55: The house is quiet at the moment - a rare thing. Can't hear anything except the ginger moggie grunting in his sleep.
  • 19:36:56: I see the annoying prick is still is still wearing a hat indoors. #dancingonice
  • 20:33:09: Gore blimey, love a duck guv'ner!
  • 21:00:08: @simonmayo you leave Creme de Menthe alone - it's lovely. I'd die of Creme de Menthe poisoning if I was a millionaire. ;-)
  • 21:05:28: @ajhmurray there's only one true celebrity on #DOI - Johnson Beharry.

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