Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 01-14-2011

  • 10:41:16: Listening to You Are My Love by Liverpool Express.
  • 10:51:46: Listening to Julian the Hooligan by Liverpool Express.
  • 10:53:03: @Tonygardner not watched that docu yet but I was at the 1st date of that Kate Bush tour, at The Liverpool Empire.
  • 11:31:47: Listening to Hold Tight by Liverpool Express.
  • 12:01:51: RT @TwopTwips: MAPLIN. Be more careful what you put on your bags. /via @Jon_Hopkins
  • 12:55:45: Listening to Slip And Slide - 27/04/1977 John Peel Session by Medicine Head.
  • 18:30:52: @Tonygardner watched the first 10 mins or so then d/l'd it to each with t'misses. I was in the circle, doubt I'll make an appearance.
  • 18:32:09: @Tonygardner give or take a few months I'm the same age as Kate Bush. Man she looks young in that documentary.
  • 18:40:25: Conwy Happy Christmas 4.3% all fears alleviated, the 'lemony notes' aren't too apparent. A bit thin but otherwise quite acceptable.
  • 19:35:37: @Faymondo73 get the Kinect, then you can tell me if it's worth it ;-)
  • 19:38:09: @Faymondo73 I desperately want you to tell me it's wonderful. Then I can tell Mrs M we should get one.
  • 20:20:30: @KaveyF my vegan mate will be well miffed if you're right about coffee.
  • 22:39:07: @MikeMcGWirral @happytyskie Sounds like Cock & Pullet should be part of a chain. Is it?
  • 22:41:48: @MikeMcGWirral @happytyskie saw the blog post a little while ago. Didn't twig it was the same place.
  • 22:46:46: @MikeMcGWirral @happytyskie glad to hear it's doing so well. Nice that it's part of a growing business too.
  • 23:08:33: @Faymondo73 are you genuinely knackered? It must be hard work given the exercise you take. Good fun tho?
  • 23:09:47: One day I want to copy someone's Tweet word for word and see if they notice.
  • 23:26:53: @Faymondo73 big space? Hmmm. How much space?

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