Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 12-31-2010

  • 09:05:21: Ladies & Gentlemen I am *not* pleased to announce that I'll be spending New Year's Eve with my usual companions - a cold sore and a cold.
  • 12:37:28: Take a look at this video -- Johnnie Walker. Walk ! via @youtube
  • 12:58:21: @happytyskie I didn't realise it was Friday until I heard the bin lorry. Cue an Armstrong & Miller moment @Xanneroo @bennylicious
  • 13:01:50: RT @TimHarford: RIP Kodachrome: Must go and put on the Paul Simon song...
  • 13:05:32: RT @TheLifeOfAJ: @TheoPaphitis @DuncanBannatyne @dragonjones @jamescaan do you guys regret letting this one go? ...
  • 15:40:42: That's it - no more work till 4th January. Hurrah!
  • 18:46:09: @gponter79 What time you on Stanley's Cask? I live just behind it. May be able to nip in for a swift one if the missus allows.

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