Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 12-30-2010

  • 14:36:17: @KaveyF I know you BobBobRicard but the website is terrible. The menu viewer thing is foul! Was it designed to stop people reading it?
  • 16:04:41: @BobBobRicard Hi guys, egged on by @KaveyF I had a look at your web site. I have to say that menu viewer thing is terrible. I gave up.
  • 16:05:27: @KaveyF DOne - I actually thought I'd copied them on my tweet - think I missed the @ off their name
  • 18:55:59: @rantingteacher I once saw Jackie Charlton leave First Class because he wouldn't pay the upgrade.
  • 19:01:53: @KaveyF You're so lucky I don't live near you. Cause you'd have to patch me up after Pete punched me when I ask for a go of your Labia ;-)
  • 19:02:12: @KaveyF Sorry, being smutty. I'll stop now.
  • 20:29:11: RT @Rob_Hickling: A car with registration FV09 MWM has just written off our car and driven off. If anybody in LE12 sees it, stop him bef ...
  • 21:26:47: @BobBobRicard I'd suggest you drop the viewer completely, or do you also hand out menus in minute text with magnifying glasses?

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