Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 12-20-2010

  • 01:09:33: @cromwellswirral if you find a good source of DMs in Liverpool, please let me know.
  • 01:17:25: @AlionaVilani We really enjoyed you & Matt's dancing this year (& we voted). Good luck for next year - I hope you'll be back.
  • 09:34:32: Minus 6 at the moment. Cold enough to freeze the milk delivery, pushing the foil top off one bottle.
  • 11:01:34: Milk gets excited in the cold weather:
  • 11:16:42: @simonmayo I'm sure I'm just one of millions who will suggest Stars by Simply Red.
  • 14:06:37: Liverpool Philharmonic : Events - Contemporary Music : Jack Jones <- almost tempted, just to hear Wives & Lovers
  • 18:05:13: RT @inniebear: I do love that the News channels are focusing their energy on those that wish to spend their Xmas spending their cash out ...
  • 19:39:22: Kate Rusby has such a lovely accent. Why does she sing in that silly way?
  • 19:40:13: RT @killforaseat: Lost, acoustic guitar, from Bicester-Marylebone train 16/12/10. Lowden S25c Serial no. 11867. Reward given for info le ...
  • 21:43:41: @mermhart Fantastic casting yet again - Tom Conti as your dad

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