Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 12-09-2010

  • 10:12:44: @shebwr: Sooo many ways to skin a cat.....#moggygate <- I heard that too. Wonder if he'll get away with it?
  • 10:15:27: @Erinboag @RobStewart85 I'm sorry Erin. It was me, I took away your circles and arrows, BUT THEY MADE ME DO IT!!! Sorry!! <- Why? Very odd!
  • 14:25:42: @Tonygardner If you can't drink when in a pub try orange juice and tonic water - it's quite dry, not sweet.
  • 14:30:31: @Tonygardner Nice drink! Friend discovered it by mistake in the late 70s!!
  • 16:09:58: @happytyskie there's also a catfood with spinach. I'm really not sure giving a cat spinach is a good idea.
  • 16:11:06: RT @frucool: Student protest banners: "Tories put the 'n' in 'cuts'" #ukuncut
  • 17:19:27: RT @brianmccoll: The Mastercard website was hacked? Priceless.
  • 17:20:23: @simonmayo three word Thursday: Liverpool Philharmonic Tonight
  • 17:32:39: Tonight I'm off to hear some Fairy Tales courtesy of Vasily and the @liverpoolphil - looking forward to it, as ever

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