Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 12-04-2010

  • 10:26:14: It's positively balmy out there this morning - even the bird bath doesn't need declagging.
  • 12:26:58: RT @moogaloo: This explains sooo well why I've never "got" Follow Fridays.
    RT @oatmeal How #FollowFriday is SUPPOSED to work - http://bi ...
  • 13:49:02: RT @InterfloraUK: Win one of our @InterfloraUK £250 Christmas Hampers Retweet this by midnight Sunday 5th December t ...
  • 13:52:35: @peteleay I don't even know what a club classic is.
  • 14:12:36: @peteleay aha! Got you. Bleedin' obvious now you've pointed it out. Must have my daft head on today.
  • 14:17:51: @aletalk happy birthday old fruit. Have a tincture or 2 this evening on me :-)
  • 14:21:52: @peteleay never been one for dance music. I was thinking 'club classic' was something more complicated to do with 'modern' music. !!! Indeed
  • 16:05:20: Catching up with Graham Norton's TV Prog. Why is this little shit encroaching on adult entertainment? That's Justin Beaver*

    * Not a typo
  • 17:03:09: Frankie Boyle's Tramadol Nights. He's going to get into so much trouble.
  • 20:31:02: @happytyskie how did it compare to Green King IPA, which I like?
  • 20:32:44: Away to the Mags for beer. Excited!

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