Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 12-03-2010

  • 11:10:51: @liverpoolphil Come on, come on, get the web site sorted - I want to book my Rumer tickets! ;-)
  • 11:23:20: @liverpoolphil Thanks, I find booking on-line far easier. But noted for future reference :-)
  • 11:30:35: @liverpoolphil And booked. My she's a popular gal, ain't she?
  • 14:51:57: @peteleay Follow Fridays are when you list all the people you enjoy following so that the bots can pick their IDs up and start spamming them
  • 14:52:19: @peteleay I'm not a fan, did you guess?
  • 14:58:06: @peteleay Bots - from robots, automated programs that scan the Twitter stream for keywords and spam anyone using them
  • 15:13:31: @Brendan_Ball I hope you have the legs for it!
  • 16:05:52: @Brendan_Ball Get em out on Thursday then, lets see what Vasily thinks!
  • 17:41:14: RT @CainsBeers: Out Now! Cains Christmas Ale 4.7% abv a distinctively red, and uniquely flavoured with mulled wine spices.
    http://twi ...
  • 17:57:50: Wouldn't you know it, the winner of the best beer 2010 on @aletalk is another bloody 'citrus' beer - bah humbug!
  • 18:06:28: What's the first thing you do after installing new software? Me, I go to the desktop and delete the icon I didn't ask for.
  • 18:30:53: Just turned the TV on just in time to see a clip of Corrie on Alan Titchmarsh show. No need to watch Corrie for the next few weeks now.
  • 20:26:26: @beej777 warm a jug with hot water and then decant it into that.
  • 21:25:47: Cumberland Sausage with rosemary and red wine. No you daft idiot, that's not traditional.

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