Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 11-26-2010

  • 12:53:57: Clouds, and the light's turning that funny colour you often get before it snows.
  • 12:57:03: @Cupcake_Rev It's just started doing something - thankfully, I think it's just rain
  • 17:34:28: @MelissaCole So when you going to change your user pic to reflect the new, even classier, you?
  • 17:46:35: @MelissaCole Well, I only know you for your tweets and posts about beer. That's classy enough for me! (& blondes are too overrated AFAIC)
  • 20:35:49: @aletalk wow, are you there now? If you are, say hello to the man on the horse for me. No Deakin's Downfall either I'd imagine :-)
  • 20:57:21: @aletalk what you doing there?
  • 20:58:49: There's a pizza with my name on it somewhere between Liscard and here. Wish it would hurry up. I'm hungry.
  • 23:36:06: @aletalk some time later... ah, the Great Western. I always wave to it when I go past on the train. Still a good place?

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