Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 11-25-2010

  • 07:38:01: @beej777 meant to say. Saw Joe Brown last week. Band played one song only on ukuleles, including a bass which was used on other songs too
  • 11:52:01: @beej777 He did, he mentioned that last time we saw him. This time the whole band were playing ukes, all different sizes too I fell in love!
  • 11:58:55: @aletalk what did you move the blog from? I have 2 sites up and running using Wordpress 3 and I was mighty impresses at how easy it was too
  • 12:10:59: RT @boohewerdine: Boo Hewerdine's Blog Thing: Day 274 - Were You In The Dooleys?
  • 14:25:26: I liked a YouTube video -- Ukulele weeps by Jake Shimabukuro
  • 14:25:30: I've favourited a YouTube video -- Ukulele weeps by Jake Shimabukuro
  • 14:25:47: @beej777 I take it you're aware of this:
  • 14:32:08: @MikeMcGWirral I wish I did Mike, but I realized a long time ago that I have no aptitude for playing music. It's a hand-ear thing :-)
  • 14:48:36: @MikeMcGWirral I'm so very tempted; I've always wanted to be able to play something. But experience tells me it would be a mistake. Maybe :)
  • 14:54:43: @beej777 Just proves that it can a beautiful instrument in the right hands - Neil Innes knocked out a good tune too when I saw him.
  • 14:55:50: @MikeMcGWirral It is very tempting, especially at £15. Best place to buy? (You may be sorry if I turn up at @beej777 's group!)
  • 15:00:56: @MikeMcGWirral Off to Liscard this weekend then, to the new Wirral Music. Maybe :)
  • 15:42:43: @MikeMcGWirral Good man, I like a positive spin on things!
  • 15:44:43: RT @RadnorRealty: Bet this picture doesn't appear in tomorrow's papers: #demo2010 #dayx: RT @Wireman: Bet thi... ht ...
  • 15:54:12: @ahnlak glad to hear it made it onto the media somewhere. Fingers crossed it makes the TV news (some hope)
  • 16:05:21: Listening to Valse, Allegro Moderato by Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, Vasily Petrenko.
  • 16:16:43: @beej777 @mikemcgwirral - see what you've done? Wirral Music in Liscard sell them for £15.99 in a 'variety of colours'. Pink Uke, anyone?
  • 17:00:30: Listening to Liszt: Prometheus, symphonic poem No.5, S.99 by Sir Georg Solti, London Philharmonic Orchestra.
  • 18:32:26: @beej777 @mikemcgwirral I think I'll try for a manly black or something :)
  • 22:07:57: @MikeMcGWirral @beej777 I'll report back when something happens.

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