Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 11-22-2010

  • 07:55:45: It's MOT day today. Yippee.
  • 12:50:50: RT @inniebear: I mean, really? With all this Irish bailout stuff going on, nobody thought of using the hashtag #FiannaFail?
  • 14:34:04: @OldPostcards it's a bit confusing that you're still posting cards on this account. Why not post them all on the new & a note about it here?
  • 14:44:16: @OldPostcards fair enough
  • 16:41:03: RT @judietzuke: my live albums nearly finished, its sounding great! i so loved my band, my audience, my gorgeous daughters @cammimix @ja ...
  • 19:51:43: MOT and service done. Pleased to say it passed. A nice surprise.
  • 20:06:03: Left the other phone rattling up to iOS 4.2. When it finishes it'll have lots of new features I'm not likely to use.
  • 20:23:10: @MarkCharnock_ good work with the quivering chin, man.
  • 21:54:44: @aletalk there's a paid for template that lets you configure just about everything including CSS. If only I could remember its name.

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