Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 11-20-2010

  • 14:30:05: @peteleay thanks for the X Factor sings. That's the surprise taken care of
  • 16:52:24: I am currently dawdling about Liscard. Oh joy.
  • 20:04:54: @OldPostcards please make the new account announcement again but this time with its @ name. Ta.
  • 21:12:05: Chic? That would be Jim Royal chic.
  • 22:03:02: Why murder one Beatles song when you can murder three? #xfactor
  • 22:18:23: For example, the word is way - not way-ay. #xfactor
  • 22:21:50: Simon Cowell: "Katie, I'm glad you stayed in the show because I'll make lots of money out of you". Or something like that. #xfactor
  • 23:19:05: @peteleay I know re the contract hence his vested interest. He's up to something!

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