Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 11-16-2010

  • 11:16:37: RT @knapjack: @wilw I'm a firm believer Egyptians domesticated cats by inventing papyrus and preparing to write on it.
  • 13:09:52: RT @VizTopTips: ALL JOURNALISTS. Go home, your bosses won't give a rat's arse about anything else in the world today. /via @darryl1974
  • 14:56:29: @Faymondo73 @happytyskie Next year you should wax your muzzy
  • 15:45:31: RT @pcpro: Beatles arrive on iTunes ahead of 3pm announcement RT @smithsocksimon:
  • 17:21:16: @LyndonOgbourne BT Tower pic looks like something from Lord of the Rings
  • 17:47:24: RT @ruskin147: Wow - the Beatles 67/70 blue album is £17.99 on iTunes, £7.99 on CD from Amazon
  • 20:16:36: RT @ajhmurray: Royal wedding = Afghan exit plan. Nowhere near enough soldiers to do both.
  • 20:27:14: Ayup, Billy Saxe-Coburg & Gotha has found himself a breeding mare. Rejoice!
  • 22:52:09: RT @jimmycarr: Prince William is marrying Kate Middleton. Apparently she's not even pregnant - how posh is that? Is her Dad paying for t ...

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