Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 11-06-2010

  • 09:00:32: Big kip. Yawn! Off to open chests, cast spells & start a revolution in Albion.
  • 11:48:23: @KaveyF it's quite striking when served - it's basically chicken curry with thick slices of lemon in it. She was my intro to real cooking
  • 11:51:13: @inniebear been looking for a good all day breakfast for a while. What time are you open? ;-)
  • 17:13:38: @Brendan_Ball Brendan, see if you can find the live version of One Minute from Six Days Before the Flood. Absolutely beautiful @judietzuke
  • 17:14:41: RT @CllrJeffGreen Christmas tree in Tesco - what's all that about <- making money
  • 19:06:27: @Brendan_Ball the live version is stripped bare of instrumentation & really let's the sing shine through.
  • 19:08:18: @ahnlak @napster I hate it when Napster does that tio
  • 19:09:56: @spidertwig take care, get well soon
  • 21:09:02: One of Cher's dancers needs a wee-wee.
  • 21:34:36: In Louis' close-ups the man behind him, to the right, looks bigger than him.

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