Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 11-03-2010

  • 10:54:44: @inniebear How far do you think you'll get on your travels?
  • 11:17:43: @simonmayo Speed? Oh, it's got to be Motorbiking, by Chris Spedding (I've always thought there was some symmetry to the title & artist)
  • 11:20:16: @WirralNews Do really need to flood the Twitter stream with all the stories in one go? (Especially since some of the tweets are duplicates)
  • 15:15:02: RT @SPONGECAKESLTD: Win a Sponge Cake now - RT this message and one randomly selected follower wins a 7 inch Sponge delivered to any mai ...
  • 15:17:14: @lucylemon Moggies can be fabulously daft sometimes, can't they?
  • 15:25:08: @lucylemon Indeed it is :-)
  • 15:50:37: @OldPostcards What monitor did you go for in the end?
  • 15:55:16: @OldPostcards Assuming that's a flat screen it will only have one native resolution - what's going wrong?
  • 16:32:08: @OldPostcards I hope this isn't bad news but if the setting you looking for isn't listed it could be because your graphics card...
  • 16:32:27: @OldPostcards ...does support that resolution.
  • 16:32:51: @OldPostcards Sorry DOESN'T support the resolution
  • 16:44:13: @OldPostcards New drivers may not be enough. The max the card can do is limited by its memory. How much you got?
  • 16:45:58: @OldPostcards 1920x1080 is probably its native resolution. You'll get better quality pic if you use that.
  • 16:56:15: @oldpostcards hmmm, seems I'm telling you fibs:
  • 17:04:51: @OldPostcards "looks OK" is very subjective. If it runs at a lower res then you will get less on it. Don't matter if *you* are OK with it
  • 17:21:21: @OldPostcards Please don't spend any more money until you know it's the card.
  • 17:48:40: RT @WIRRALGLOBENEWS: Wirral Globe News: Wirral restaurant's plan to extend opening hours is rejected by licensing committee: RESIDENTS . ...
  • 18:56:35: I'm drinking a bottle of Brakspear Triple. That's Rich Fisher's fault that is.
  • 20:29:04: @OldPostcards sensible idea. You need somebody that can actually look at it rather tan guess.
  • 22:50:22: @happytyskie put it down and get back to your sour grapefruit juice beer! ;-)

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