Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 10-30-2010

  • 00:19:03: @MikeMcGWirral I'm with you on the Choc Orange Stout. My fave of those I tasted. A fine stout with subtle hints. Very nice indeed.
  • 07:35:56: @MikeMcGWirral good to hear a dark beer being voted best. I feared it would be one of those very prevalent 'citrus' beers.
  • 08:31:58: Right, porridge and then a few hour of Fable 3. Fingers crossed #fable
  • 11:39:10: There's a free Ed Miliband poster in this week's Radio Times @RadioTimes
  • 12:12:02: RT @eddireader: Or when I wrote out a recipe including Mange Tout (pronounced "Mawnge Too"). Reading She asked the assistant:
    "Have you ...
  • 12:54:41: Can anybody recommend somewhere in Wallasey/New Brighton that does a good all day breakfast? Oh I miss the Coffee Roast.
  • 13:03:42: @MikeMcGWirral of course, each to his own pallet. I just prefer the dark. Sadly they're generally out of fashion & not easy to find on pump
  • 13:05:20: @MikeMcGWirral and without the popular lights there'd be nobody to make the darks :)
  • 17:55:43: "Halloween weekend" piss off.
  • 18:28:10: @KaveyF in a few years the commercial sector will have pushed it to Halloween week & there will be no trace of the traditions I grew up with
  • 19:01:09: If you need an example why Alicia shouldn't be a judge, that 10 is it. #scd
  • 21:07:23: The best I can say about Wagner is that he's better than Jedward. Faint praise indeed.

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