Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 10-28-2010

  • 00:02:38: I am, I'm slightly embarrassed to say, rather excited about my copy of Fable III arriving on release day, this Friday. #Fable3
  • 11:09:43: My copy of Fable III has, arrived. Bless you Royal Mail. I want to take the afternoon off work. #fable3
  • 12:14:53: RT @cromwellswirral: Oooo! In @caterersearch and it's all about Twitter!
  • 13:15:55: RT @judietzuke: OMG! just found a song i covered years ago on a 70's covers album on itunes called "roundabout" by YES well it certainl ...
  • 13:20:06: @cromwellswirral When are you open over Christmas & New Year (I don't mean for the pre-Christmas rush)?
  • 14:36:24: @cromwellswirral thanks I've a feeling DMs are well flaky at the moment. That, coupled with you being poorly are a good reason :-)
  • 14:40:25: RT @VizTopTips: PLAYWRIGHTS. Add the words 'in 3D' to your play's title. It is the literal truth and might trick a few cinemagoers into ...
  • 14:49:02: @cromwellswirral Nah! Deffo not you, it's Twitter!
  • 16:39:27: @notjustmum and the second line "It wasn't the grass that tickled your ass, it was my little finger" ;-)
  • 16:50:35: @OldPostcards she could just have a sore ear!
  • 16:56:17: @simonmayo The Judie Tzuke crew seem to think they'll be on your show "about 7 o'clock". Late start is it? @judietzuke
  • 17:03:04: @OldPostcards ah, didn't notice her mouth going. Maybe she was nagging the guy in front!

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