Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

Things may well be going to plan.

I arrived home at 3:15. We were out of the door by 3:30 and heading for the hospital.
Pat has returned to the general ward and was sitting in a chair watching the day go by. She appears to be drinking well too. Jane asked her if she wanted a drink, something that's become second nature recently, and she said no (her usual answer). Then, a couple of minutes later, to our surprise, Pat produced a small carton of juice that we hadn't seen and drank from it. Totally unprompted. It cheered us both up no end.

After the hospital we did a little shopping and took Jane's engagement ring in to be fixed. One of the diamonds from around the sapphire has dropped out. It should be ready next weekend.

I was 5th in the queue to give blood. The interview system has changed yet again, as has the actual bleed. They no longer take you blood pressure or give you something to grip. When I asked the nurse about this she said that the grips had been deemed unnecessary and unhygienic. As to taken my blood pressure, well, that appears to be unnecessary either. According to the nurse the top pressure deemed safe to take blood at was always going up anyway. Before they stopped testing it was up to 180.

The day was finished off with a visit to Stanley's Cask. Ed & Lynn were in. I was drinking a really nice beer called Ambush from the Weetwood Brewery.

We're still on for
Monroes this evening, which is good. Shortly we'll be off to price up stone for the new patio and to visit Pat.

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