Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 10-16-2010

  • 13:10:50: Lord Pink Tootsies is back to the vets shortly for a checkup after his dental work on Tuesday. He's blissfully unaware he's going.
  • 16:58:33: Choqok, a Twitter Client for Linux (Ubuntu 10.10 in my case). Well I never.
  • 17:11:58: RT @VizTopTips: DRIVERS. Improve your reaction times by always driving as close as possible to the vehicle in front. /via @Dervheid
  • 18:34:29: RT @MsMarmitelover: Once more I have to explain to young people that vinyl has TWO sides, yup you can turn em over
  • 21:06:00: When Simon Cowell says he sees the future he means he can smell money.
  • 22:29:24: "vote is now open" good to see ITV keeping up the standards of English

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