Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 10-14-2010

  • 11:45:55: RT @boohewerdine: Boo Hewerdine's Blog Thing: Day 222 - Hewerdine Gold Cup <- yet again, Boo made me laugh
  • 12:04:52: Just booked an appointment to have my platelets tested, in preparation for donating.
  • 14:01:24: @heartpast I'll come round and sit on your sofa if you want. That'll give her something to think about :-)
  • 14:15:48: @KaveyF Next time tell them Lucozade & Mars Bars!
  • 14:18:19: @Xanneroo Be careful, sounds like @ajhmurray is in Brighton too!
  • 15:54:30: @OldPostcards Jeff Hordley always looks like he needs a wash. Even when he's Jeff Hordley.
  • 16:00:58: @heartpast We'd have ended up with another angry woman to content with if you had. Don't think Mrs M would have been too impressed!
  • 17:15:11: @OldPostcards All of them no doubt, but also unwashed. Oh well, each to their own!
  • 18:23:36: Listening to Rain Barrel by Al Stewart.
  • 19:00:15: Meg, our small monochrome moggie, has just got up after a 10 hour kip.

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