Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

A promising weekend awaits.

I'm sneaking off 2 hours early today. I've discovered that the tickets I use to travel to and from work are only limited service on the outward bound part. This means I can choose which train to return on, provided it's an off-peak one. The down side of this is that I'm much more likely to run early, for the simplest of reasons.

Today's reason is that I'm giving blood this evening and the session starts at 5:30. When I travel back on the 2:15 train I usually arrive home at 5:20. Taking the earlier train gains me two hours. So, I can take my time getting changed and then pick Jane up from the hospital before going to donate.

Tomorrow carries the promise of a meal at Monroes. Jane has booked a table for 8:30 and, providing Jane is well enough, we should have a good time. It seems like months since we last spent a decent amount of time together doing something nice.

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