Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 10-12-2010

  • 07:25:26: This morning the ginger boy is going to get his teeth cleaned. He doesn't know yet. He's not going to like it.
  • 09:27:52: RT @john_mackay: Rather than cut child benefit for the well off I'd make parents who send their kids to fee paying schools also pay thei ...
  • 09:31:21: RT @boohewerdine: Boo Hewerdine's Blog Thing: Day 220 - The Great Wall Of Chin <- Arf! well worth seeing!
  • 09:48:42: Ginger boy is not happy. On a plus note he "gets to spend the day with his Aunty Mandy" (according to Jenny, who booked him in).
  • 10:16:14: @simonmayo That'll be Pictures at an Exhibition then? Don't knock it - it was my route into enjoying classical music.
  • 11:34:16: @inniebear Use Windows? You're a brave (or foolish) man saying that. But I agree... tee-hee!
  • 11:35:19: RT @VizTopTips: A HOLLOWED out book makes an ideal carry case for your Kindle. /via @NathanEvanOne
  • 11:36:33: RT @TMobileOfficial: In case you missed it last week, T-Mobile customers can now use Orange’s signal – to register, visit www.t-mobile.c ...
  • 11:39:57: @inniebear Oh I know exactly what you're getting at. Apple products are perfect, even when they don't work - bet the printer gets the blame!
  • 15:10:01: His gingerness is home and a bit wobbly on the feet. And my, is he hungry.
  • 16:43:44: @aletalk By the look of things you're part of the organising for the beer festival. If that's right I wish I could join you!
  • 18:32:31: @aletalk however you're involved, enjoy yourself!

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