Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 10-11-2010

  • 10:54:34: @cromwellswirral good work re the highchair but you should clean before every sitting too.
  • 11:24:53: @cromwellswirral Touche!
  • 11:58:21: My 'other machine' is currently upgrading to Ubuntu 10.10.
  • 12:15:03: RT @ahnlak: Wow. America is really ... small, isn't it? via @stephenfry - the true size of Africa -
  • 13:20:01: RT @pcpro: How to get your data back from Facebook (Without a balaclava and a shotgun)
  • 17:05:12: RT @MikeMcGWirral: RogerProtz confirms Marston's FastCask filtered (don't think I knew ) Not so 'real' to me,despite 2ndary ferm in cask ...
  • 23:07:40: RT @ajhmurray: I'm watching Spooks & I don't watch Spooks. It's The Professionals with women in, yes?

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