Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 10-10-2010

  • 00:53:03: @aletalk ere, the bird on the left looks a bit familiar ;-)
  • 00:56:08: RT @WFv2: Today is 101010, which is 42 in binary. Douglas Adams would have liked today.
  • 01:02:33: Most impressed with the John Lennon Song Book concert at @liverpoolphil earlier. Should happen every year.
  • 01:03:14: And I think I'm in love with Clare Martin.
  • 07:57:45: @inniebear Anything new? Yes, yet more admiration from me for how bloody hard you're working.
  • 12:10:10: @KaveyF will do, (FourSquare)
  • 12:17:13: @KaveyF Done (FourSquare) I think!
  • 12:18:55: Sandie Shaw has grandchildren. Some how that's bizarre.
  • 15:28:52: Fann! The Great Race is in Five and I hadn't noticed.
  • 20:21:23: One of the users from the X Factor auditorium has just been dancing on stage. Seems he he should have gone to the kip first. #xfactor
  • 20:52:13: Is vote off anyone who thinks they can sing well while bent over. #xfactor
  • 21:12:17: Right that's the bloody predictive text turned off.
  • 21:37:35: RT @Tonygardner My whippet sleeps in strange positions. <- fnar, fnar
  • 21:41:53: It was the eldest daughter, in the bedroom with the sex act. #downton

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