Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 10-06-2010

  • 06:43:06: @cromwellswirral Good luck today with the Beeb. You'll be fine. What programme is it for?
  • 08:16:13: Mark Radcliffe in Ideal as an arty ponce. Brilliant! @StuartMaconie
  • 13:52:56: RT @aleksk: i believe the 'remove my private phone details fr Facebook bcoz u didn't ask me' pg has been overloaded. Very Unhappy http:/ ...
  • 14:44:34: @cromwellswirral When's it on then? And what station?
  • 16:49:59: Must. Remember. To. Put. Bread. On. As. Soon. As. I. Finish. Working.
  • 17:57:02: @judietzuke I wish you had booked more gigs. Wish you were coming to Liverpool or Wirral. For various reasons we can't get to Manchester.
  • 20:39:43: #fable3kingmaker GreekVicar planted a flag in Feistie controlled by Rebels
  • 22:33:23: @cromwellswirral try my friend Mark - just around the corner on Leasowe Road.

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