Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 10-01-2010

  • 07:56:35: RT @cromwellswirral: White rabbits!!
  • 11:47:07: @Xanneroo For the next Comic Relief I think Mr Smith should come over all Chav...
  • 12:46:53: Hahahahaha! Lunch today: Spam butty! Spoilt it a bit by using home made granary bread but WTF!
  • 15:20:14: RT @jonhoneyball: my goodness, all i want to do is give her a slap. <sits on hands>
  • 15:50:43: Well day 2 has been ace :D@cromwellswirral <- I'm glad to hear it. Really looking forward to tonight! Taxi's booked
  • 23:15:15: @cromwells ah-ha! A drunkard writes: I owe you money and you owe me 2 scones & 2 cupcakes. See you in the morning. Great night! (sorry)
  • 23:25:55: Just back from causing havoc at @cromwells - sorry Kay, sorry Kate &, in particular, sorry Mark. Most specifically, not your fault.

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