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Um. Back on me ed.
GCOS7, coz that's all I have.
From Twitter 09-29-2010 
30th-Sep-2010 03:01 am

  • 06:41:38: Well dark isn't it?
  • 10:45:15: The Snipe! Who remembers The Snipe playing at The Dale Inn in Seacombe (thank you Jon Kirkman for remembering their name)
  • 11:22:48: RT @ahnlak: Why did nobody point out the awesome Resource Monitor in Win7?! <- gosh, thank you!
  • 12:22:01: @peteleay One of the many great band around that time. Others: Thunderboots, Sneex, Afraid of Mice.
  • 13:09:59: @peteleay Didn't see Phil play Pretty Woman but saw then a fair few times too. Even worked on their PA for them once (Mr Digby's in B'head)
  • 13:11:06: @peteleay I should also mention Axis, CID, Fallen Heroes & French Lessons, all of whom I worked for at some point
  • 13:13:01: @kateatcromwells I'm sure all will be OK. I drove past yesterday evening and it looks fab! Good luck (but I'm sure you won't need it)
  • 13:14:01: @Tonygardner There's no point in owning a trumpet and not blowing it ;-)
  • 14:08:42: @Xanneroo If he stays in politics he could be the Schools Secretary - Education, Education, Education and shit
  • 16:06:27: RT @military_search: Germany pays off the last piece of debt from WW1 Reparations...the war is finally over after 92 years! http://tinyu ...
  • 18:01:10: Watching the latest Ideal. Graham Fellows as the doctor, brilliant!
  • 20:29:27: @OldPostcards if you end up at the same web site then it makes no difference. It's the web site you end up at that's the problem.
  • 21:23:13: @OldPostcards @cromwellswirral I've had problems with DMs being delivered over the last week. Nothing to do with how they were sent/received

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