Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 09-28-2010

  • 10:08:32: Me excited? Too right! This is the third time I've tried to niik!
  • 10:14:18: I appear to be having predictive text problems today, sorry. That last word should have been book
  • 10:58:59: @cromwellswirral Oh-ho! Whatever system you use for bookings has kindly decided I don't know how to spell my name. It's added an E to Moor
  • 13:15:38: @aletalk did you get my DM re the Birkenhead Beer Festival?
  • 14:02:10: @DuncanBannatyne Careful Duncan, show too much interest in SCD and you may find yourself being asked next year!
  • 14:52:23: @aletalk no prob - I've had some fun with DMs recently too. Wasn't sure they were being delivered.
  • 15:01:29: @Faymondo73 Ed Milli sounds like Blair to me and looks like a young Wallace (as in Wallace & Gromit)
  • 18:20:31: Carlos Santana is currently on Radio 2 talking mostly bollocks. Sorry @simonmayo
  • 19:01:48: @Xanneroo if they were stolen in Liverpool I'm immensely embarrassed even though I'm not a Liverpudlian.
  • 19:25:29: @Xanneroo A favour? Jeepers, don't encourage them!
  • 23:32:30: RT @VizTopTips: BMW DRIVERS. Objects seen through your windscreen are closer than they appear. /via @RomaL4C

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