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Um. Back on me ed.
GCOS7, coz that's all I have.
From Twitter 09-26-2010 
27th-Sep-2010 03:01 am

  • 08:36:57: Looking forward to @Xanneroo & @bennylicious at the Liverpool Empire tonight. Just got to recover from last night's beer first.
  • 10:00:22: @Xanneroo I'm sure you'll enjoy yourselves and be made to feel very welcome. Break a leg (if that really is what you say)
  • 10:05:08: @StuartMaconie do you know about @Nomads_land ? Walking the entire coast of Britain. Currently in NE England.
  • 13:42:42: Brian Friedman. Merkin oik.
  • 14:01:19: RT @bennylicious: How good is Mumtaz?! Loving Bradford. And hugely looking forward to Liverpool Empire tonight! Still few tickets left...
  • 17:20:35: If McCartney sang Yesterday on an ITV music programme, do you think the floor manager would make the audience clap their way through it?
  • 18:41:35: Armstrong & Miller soon. Sqeee! @Xanneroo @bennylicious
  • 23:29:54: Jim was wrong. The padding's just as good as the RAF guys ;-) Come back soon @Xanneroo & @bennylicious - fab night, thanks.

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