Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 09-23-2010

  • 08:18:22: @inniebear good luck. I hope today is the first of your assent.
  • 08:27:50: I'd forgotten how good Michael Wood is as a presenter.
  • 10:36:04: the new Richard Hawley EP on 10" vinyl and CD. Magic!
  • 10:54:06: RT @cromwellswirral: Brilliant piece in the Echo today :D
  • 11:11:54: RT @adebond: RT @cromwellswirral: Brilliant piece in the Echo today :D
  • 13:12:42: RT @VizTopTips: DELHI GAMES ORGANISERS. Invent a hard luck story, sit in an unfinished athlete's room looking glum & then call Nick Know ...
  • 14:57:14: and so there is rain
  • 15:10:22: Listening to Ice by Camel.
  • 15:22:52: @KaveyF Camel? So do I! Only ever got to see them once tho, for the Snow Goose tour.
  • 15:23:17: RT @bioniclaura: The Guinness vs Beamish vs Murphy's debate is to a beer lover what a Nescafe vs Kenco vs Maxwell House debate would be ...
  • 15:25:20: @ahnlak @KaveyF I was listening to the studio album version. I think my fave track is, well, just about anything off Moonmadness.
  • 15:34:42: @ahnlak For me the original lineup was the best-sadly it's impossible for them to get together again. I'll give Stationary Traveller a go.
  • 17:07:21: @jongomm Santana's new album is almost the guitar version of Weird Al Yankovic
  • 22:50:47: RT @VizTopTips: AVOID unneccesary pain by putting your shoes on before treading on a plug. /via @mattiebennett

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