Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 09-15-2010

  • 08:23:25: A very windy morning in the park
  • 10:35:12: RT @Tonygardner: RT @ColonelHitch: RT @Tonygardner: Ooh, I'm in a real RT mood today.
  • 10:37:42: @simonmayo TUC will be easier but I think Celibacy will produce cleverer songs
  • 10:41:17: @simonmayo In which case can I suggest Songs of Love by the Divine Comedy?
  • 10:53:24: RT @pcpro: This is, by far, the best use of HTML5 we've seen yet:
  • 11:13:16: I value the arts! Do you? Show your support at
  • 15:15:24: RT @liverpoolphil: On sale tomorrow: The ultimate tribute to Fleetwood Mac - Rumours Of Fleetwood Mac (Sat 8 Feb) -
  • 16:11:21: @Brendan_Ball Pavel sounds brill, can't wait for Friday!
  • 17:29:40: RT @ajhmurray: Henry VIII required to deal with Bishop of Rome and his idiot Cardinal cohorts
  • 17:51:34: The next time you need to recover missing files, you’ll be excited that you have Carbonite 4.0 <- excited! Ha ha ha!
  • 18:28:24: Oh look, the weather's cleared up. Typical Wirral evening.
  • 21:06:44: Grand Designs is back for a new series. Hurrah!
  • 22:07:43: RT @wirralboy: RT @DaveGorman: ; RT @Danatkinson: Best thing I've seen about the pope's visit to the UK -
  • 23:41:10: Tomorrow night is The Moody Blues and Friday is The New World both at the @liverpoolphil - can't beat a bit of diversity.

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