Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 09-10-2010

  • 00:11:05: RT @VizTopTips AMERICANS Don't get so upset about some hicks burning copies of Kerrang! Its a rubbish magazine anyway. /via @digitalsunshine
  • 00:16:57: I'm full of beer and Happy Together by the Turtles is in the radio. Good way to go to sleep.
  • 06:44:41: @alex_polizzi there's no such thing as too much wine; it's just more than enough wine :-)
  • 13:41:10: Just had a rather yummy ham and coleslaw on brown from Dodgesons for lunch. Nice!
  • 14:03:40: @pc_pro What's more energy efficient - unplugging a laptop when it's charged or leaving it to trickle charge?
  • 14:24:23: @pc_pro thanks - the reason I asked is the power supply is quite warm while running on mains-shuda put that in original question I suppose!
  • 14:37:31: @pc_pro Thanks!
  • 16:24:37: FX: Ring, ring: Pick up phone, "Hello, this is an automated..." , hang up. Wonder what that was all about?
  • 16:49:19: @cromwellswirral If you're opening on the 26th, have you started to take bookings? I have a voucher burning a hole in my (virtual) pocket!
  • 18:49:31: If you stop doing anything for 40 minutes then that thing is not non-stop.

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