Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 09-06-2010

  • 07:31:39: Sunrise just as my alarm went off this morning. Great linking sky but it's darkness for the next 6 months.
  • 08:54:01: RT @VizTopTips: ITV. Revamp breakfast TV by bringing back Roland Rat and Kevin the Gerbil ...oh.....wait. /via @spoiltvt
  • 12:09:21: RT @aletalk: If i wanted to get some great coffee delivered to someone who appreciates such things, any suggestions as to who to use? or ...
  • 12:56:51: Listening to Shallow Brown (Featuring Smoke Fairies) by Richard Hawley.
  • 13:07:52: RT @franticplanet: Wow, just met Tony Blair. He was kind enough to sign my book!
  • 16:22:49: @alex_polizzi Always bad new first!
  • 16:39:12: @alex_polizzi That is bad news - but I suppose we all have to move on! Thanks for all the programmes so far!
  • 16:43:50: @alex_polizzi now that IS good news - that you're going to stay on TV
  • 18:48:00: @OldPostcards the pool was big and stretched from Houston out to Birkenhead. It was converted into the docks.
  • 18:49:09: @OldPostcards Poulton, not Houston, obviously. Bloody phone!
  • 19:03:38: @OldPostcards I have that card too. I think the church in the background may be St Lukes, just by the ex Pool Inn.
  • 19:45:45: @OldPostcards I think the only other church it could be is St Albans but it looks too close for that
  • 22:53:42: Listening to Willie the Kid by French Lessons.

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