Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 08-30-2010

  • 08:08:46: Lovely day - may just get the fence finished
  • 10:34:59: Fence capping finished. Do I do the fence itself or some work on my websites? I know what my choices is...
  • 14:44:08: RT @judietzuke i need one more follower to get to 800 guuooooon!!!! just 1 more ; )))
  • 14:45:58: So the fence won, and is still taking up my time.
  • 17:27:16: @Cupcake_Rev @cromwellswirral @lucylemon @inniebear @captivevision the £5s look excellent *and* healthy!
  • 17:30:23: @Brendan_Ball thank you Brendan, but what did I do to deserve that? !
  • 17:34:45: 1. That took longer than expected.
    2. That took longer than I wanted.
  • 17:35:52: Today I discovered that painting the front garden fence makes people cross the road.
  • 18:04:28: @Brendan_Ball ah-ha! Most kind but it was a retweet of @judietzuke who's just off 800.
  • 18:30:40: @Brendan_Ball Judie is one of Britain's great rock singers and a great songwriter too.
  • 18:47:12: @Brendan_Ball yep, it's the real Ms Tzuke - she's on tour soon but sadly not coming any closer than the Lowrie Centre.
  • 22:58:39: @cromwellswirral you 2 obviously didn't learn anything from the sunshine earlier in the year!

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