Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 08-29-2010

  • 08:48:33: RT @RenSMART Wallasey has the highest wind speed in the UK with a speed of 10.4 meters per second and this is increasing by 0.6 per hour
  • 09:32:42: @kateatcromwells tomorrow is supposed to be a much better day weather-wise. Don't hold your breath tho
  • 11:32:32: @lucylemon @Cupcake_Rev I wouldn't eat anything that'd been in contact with money.
  • 11:48:46: @lucylemon @Cupcake_Rev even if they looked brand new I'd still put them through a cycle or 2 of the washing machine :-)
  • 11:56:30: Just had to rescue the tomato plants that were blown over by the wind.
  • 16:50:24: @peteleay what was the Roxy Music tribute band called?
  • 17:10:39: @Cupcake_Rev @cromwellswirral @lucylemon @inniebear @CaptiveVision brilliant on the holders, I'd be happy to eat. Look like candles!
  • 18:19:05: RT @VizTopTips SAVE VALUABLE TIME running water from the tap by purchasing pre-poured water in bottles. /via @peregrin 
  • 18:21:20: @peteleay I knew it was going to be a pun - just couldn't work out what it was going to be, ta
  • 19:55:38: @peteleay thanks for the clip Pete

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