Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 08-13-2010

  • 09:18:42: RT @boohewerdine: Boo Hewerdine's Blog Thing: Day 160 - Paraskevidekatriaphobia
  • 09:55:25: RT @AlesByMail: Melissa Cole will be on Woman's Hour today (Radio 4, 10am) talking about the rise in female ale drinkers #camra #realale ...
  • 09:56:16: RT @CatsProtection: We've just noticed we have almost 30,000 Facebook fans - can you help us reach that landmark by the end of today?! h ...
  • 10:04:10: "Ay Mam!" - "What?" - "The Dustbin men!"
  • 10:54:39: @ahnlak The screencaps for TweetDeck on Android look pathetic cf say Twidroyd or Touiteur
  • 11:59:42: @OldPostcards Can you get to the site using another browser OK?
  • 12:10:43: @OldPostcards So it's a problem with Chrome then. Do the old restart you computer thing if you already haven't.
  • 12:11:34: @OldPostcards If that doesn't sort it all I can suggest is that you try re-installing Chrome. It should keep your bookmarks etc
  • 13:07:21: @OldPostcards Glad it's sorted!
  • 13:12:02: @inniebear Sam Vimes - great choice! Watch out for the baby dragons!
  • 13:23:18: @OldPostcards You're welcome - just wish I'd had the right answer :-)
  • 13:31:29: @inniebear I've thought about it before but I'd probably go for Ponder Stibbons.
  • 13:33:08: @inniebear t! that should have been I've NOT thought about it before
  • 16:27:13: @cromwellswirral Amaretto cupcake? I'm seething with jealousy!
  • 16:50:32: RT @markmcnulty: After tomorrows last day on Slater Street, Probe moves to School Lane next to the Bluecoat on Monday! Please pass this on.
  • 20:45:37: Ray Davies at Glastonbury, BBC4 tonight at 9:40
  • 22:18:14: Roger and Val Have Just Got In. They should go out again.
  • 23:36:33: @TweeterofWit @rantingteacher If I watch it again I'm going to count the number of times they say Roger or Val. Far too often I think.

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