Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 07-09-2010

  • 07:23:47: Bloody good long kip - but I'm still knackered
  • 14:26:12: @OldPostcards a screwed driver that crashes when it tells the printer etc to do a specific thing.
  • 14:38:06: @OldPostcards What OS are you running? If it's a Windows variant I can help, if it's Apple I've no idea (certainly not a new machine tho!)
  • 14:53:20: @OldPostcards silly suggestion time - have you turned the computer *and* the printer off and back on again? Do so before doing anything else
  • 15:50:55: @OldPostcards If it continue to faff, have a look at the event log to see if there's any clues.
  • 15:52:10: @OldPostcards Right CLick on My Computer -> Manage -> Event Viewer - and look in the different categories for events re the printer/time
  • 16:18:43: That's me done for a week. No work for 9 days. Bliss!
  • 22:10:03: RT @Faymondo73 Raoul Moat tshirts

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