Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 07-01-2010

  • 07:55:50: Gavin Patterson, Chief Exec, BT Retail, thinks he looks relaxed & approachable without a tie but he just looks stuffy.
  • 10:13:07: @liverpoolphil Canadian music? Neil Young, lots of Neil Young!
  • 10:34:33: RT @astrondrew: @liverpoolphil I second that. Celebrate by spending the day trying to get Neil Young over to play the Philharmonic Hall.
  • 11:02:18: That's five from me for Canada Day - I'll stop now :)
  • 14:29:43: @cromwellswirral You may not get this if you're having problems but I think it may be you - I'm OK and not seen any warning messages either
  • 14:44:29: RT @Tonygardner: RT @DanRebellato: The world's most horrifying spoonerism-in-waiting. (Credit to Chris Goode who fou ...
  • 14:45:31: @sbisson Does that make James Dyson an Octave Doctor?
  • 17:16:47: RT @liverpoolphil: Jazz, delicous hot, disgusting cold! <- one of my favourite Bonzo's tracks!
  • 20:00:35: Rubbing a paste of stock cube & olive oil on to meat isn't locking in the flavour, It's changing the flavour completely

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