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Um. Back on me ed.
GCOS7, coz that's all I have.
From Twitter 06-29-2010 
30th-Jun-2010 03:02 am

  • 06:17:19: This week I will mostly be away for two days. Yippee.
  • 09:45:37: @simonmayo how can you not possibly play Two Tribes by France Goes to Hollywood?
  • 09:46:59: @simonmayo gah! That would be Frankie Goes to Hollywood, even.
  • 13:46:48: @nwdavies I've read some of the culture novels - no idea if they were in order & it appeared to make no difference. But I may just be lucky.
  • 16:31:11: @simonmayo 3 word Tuesday: Purple Room tonight
  • 16:43:03: Purple room in 18 minutes

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