Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 05-30-2010

  • 08:35:17: @nwdavies Consider Phlebas is a strange book - good though!
  • 08:38:27: RT @Brendan_Ball Radio 4 on Eurovision, "...The UK maintained it's poor record." I love it-At least we have something to be proud of!
  • 08:45:31: Think I'm still full of Greek food, retsina and ouzo. Just woken up too. Going to wimp out on the badminton
  • 09:33:37: @Brendan_Ball We'll be there on Saturday - are you playing?
  • 12:18:28: @Brendan_Ball I'm looking forward to Saturday. I know the Ravel but the rest is new. Live, best way to hear music for the first time :-)
  • 15:31:24: Neighbours, argh! (not the Aussie soap)
  • 20:03:00: RT @thekeithchegwin: Erectile dysfunction on increase. If you suffer; Please add white flag with red cross to your van/ car
  • 20:06:14: How come people on television never say goodbye when using the telephone?
  • 22:00:34: Lewis & Hathaway, why haven't you called for backup?

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