Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 05-24-2010

  • 07:35:48: No sunshine this morning but at least it's still warm
  • 07:36:33: And it's Ray Davies at the Phil tonight
  • 08:03:26: @OldPostcards it'll be the 3rd time we've seen him in the last 4 years. I *know* it's going to be good :-)
  • 08:38:08: @OldPostcards I'm not sure but I think it's a straight forward band.
  • 09:40:58: @cromwellswirral Where did this recent obsession with cupcakes come from? (I don't mean you specifically, I mean generally)
  • 09:47:38: @cromwellswirral I understand your involvement :-) just wondered if you knew where it started (I find this sort of trending very odd)
  • 09:48:21: @cromwellswirral But them I'm an odd consumer
  • 09:50:16: @cromwellswirral Should have guessed really! (Sort of related: Glen Campbell's band were amazed that we put meat into pies).
  • 10:03:28: @cromwellswirral Pies and cakes, I'm a big fan of both!
  • 10:40:57: @CattyJacques You make sure you don't over-do it now - and nice toenails by the way ;-)
  • 10:42:36: @cromwellswirral I'll have mine poached and served on chunky, crunchy toast please!
  • 13:13:58: RT @jongomm: George Osborne: "We're all in this together". (P.S. "this" is an anagram)
  • 14:43:34: @CattyJacques Only the nutters you've met on Twitter. Mwahahahahahah! ;-)
  • 15:55:39: Listening to Sleepers by Steve Hackett.
  • 16:09:51: @cromwellswirral Despite what many people think, cats aren't daft. She'll be adopting you next (and good to see she's wearing a collar)
  • 16:26:21: @cromwellswirral I know - but if you know anything about cats you'll know that's just where it's decided to live for now ;-)
  • 18:38:38: In a pub with Radio 4 playing behind the bar. Bliss!
  • 23:52:53: @sbisson If you haven't already, try Twidroid
  • 23:57:45: Back from marvelous Ray Davies concert Mared only slightly by the pair of dicks in M8 & 9 who were talking during the songs they didn't know

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