Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 05-22-2010

  • 06:59:09: @cromwellswirral fog: temperature drop over sea causes condensation of moisture in warm air.
  • 11:30:53: The Anderson Wakeman tickets have arrived. Hurrah!
  • 11:35:44: That'd be a really good record except for the bloke shouting over the music.
  • 12:10:05: Just seen Albie Donnally going into our butchers. #localhero
  • 12:57:00: Kin 'ell that Alvin Sawdust song was good.
  • 13:09:35: @spidertwig if the weather does this when you take a Saturday off - do it more often!
  • 14:08:38: @CattyJacques it was a cover of Duffy's Mercy and it was stonking. He's playing locally soon but we're already going to a concert
  • 14:25:39: @CattyJacques that night we're at a Royal Liverpool Philharmonic concert (as we are tonight). Ray Davies on Monday. Loads more after that
  • 14:46:28: @CattyJacques don't think Ray & Dave had played together for a long time. Seen Ray twice in the last 3 years - always worth the money
  • 15:00:10: @CattyJacques been to see a lot of people over the last 5 years or so - b4 it was too late. Lou Reed, Glen Campbell, Paul Simon, John Martyn
  • 19:08:54:
  • 22:05:33: By Jove, that was good. Mahler's 3rd symphony. #RLPO
  • 22:08:11: RT @safety: Hearing reports of a phishing email telling people they've been reported as spam & requiring "confirmation"; we'll never do ...
  • 22:14:12: By Jove, that was good. Mahler's 3rd symphony. #RLPO @liverpoolphil

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