Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 04-29-2010

  • 11:47:24: Woo-hoo! The 2010/11 Season subscription pack for the RLPO has arrived. Time to spend some money #rlpo
  • 11:49:50: @KaveyF I'd love to go t Grand Designs Live - but I guess it's 'darn sarf' somewhere. Kevin McCloud is the king of TV presenters.
  • 11:58:49: @KaveyF Bet it'll be good - hope you enjoy it!
  • 15:42:57: @KaveyF You should let whoever sent the book to you know that it's damaged.
  • 15:51:55: Listening to Times Like These by Glen Campbell.
  • 16:19:15: @KaveyF Suppose that's even more reason to let them know their money has been destroyed by the postman!
  • 16:22:15: Listening to These Days by Glen Campbell.
  • 16:53:23: @KaveyF Mine is Joseph Rostherne Stick. Make of that what you will :-)
  • 17:20:00: It's raining but I don't care. I'm picking my concerts for the RLPO 2010/2011 season. #rlpo
  • 18:17:12: @KaveyF My 1920s name appears to be Lindor Liscard.
  • 18:18:43: @KaveyF I do most of my tweeting from an Internet enabled phone

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