Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 04-26-2010

  • 06:33:31: "I didn't want to wake my children" said Ed Balls. "I'd much rather put their lives at risk", he added.
  • 10:58:22: @liverpoolphil Should I get my booking forms soon then?
  • 11:00:59: @liverpoolphil Jolly good!
  • 11:52:41: @CattyJacques and I read it wrong. I'm a dirty old man when once I used to be a randy young git.
  • 12:22:16: @CattyJacques That's understandable, um brain don't work too well when hungover. Don't know about an equivalent. That horrid word, cougar?
  • 12:36:18: @CattyJacques I agree with you completely - probably why I couldn't think of the female equivalent. And good luck to you all too! ;-)
  • 12:37:24: Right - off to deliver Mrs M up to the torture chamber that is the dentist.
  • 12:54:53: @CattyJacques I'm impressed! Mr CJ should be proud!
  • 14:45:19: Went to Carr Lane to buy pork stakes. Shop was closed. Saw a guinea pig trying to shag another; was like watching a Benny Hill sketch.
  • 20:00:30: RT @KaveyF: Unfortunate Cameron photo (via @marklesuk and @edloach)

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